2003 November


As the County Councillor for Carrog since 1958 I have seen many changes but by far the most significant of them has been the transformation of the old school building into our impressive village hall.

Over the very long time we have been renovating and re-renovating our hall we are very grateful that Clwyd and then Denbighshire County Council have given us so much practical and financial help. As a member of the authority I wish to say how delighted I am personally that we now have such an excellent facility.

A large debt of gratitude is due to the local people who worked so hard to bring it about. They do not wish to have any reward for their efforts but only ask that the building is well used, well cared for, and that all the fund raising efforts are supported so that Carrog people have a village hall to be proud of for many years to come.

I would also like to add my congratulations to those responsible for producing our community news paper, it is an excellent idea and I wish them every success in the venture.

Rhys Webb.

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