Tachwedd 2003 November

A View of the Bridge

The first memory I have of bridges is as a young boy travelling from Anglesey along the North Wales Coast to Rhyl on a Sunday School Trip. Almost the most exciting moment of the whole day for a seven year old was to have to get off the bus on one side of the old Conway Bridge, walk across and then get back on the other side. The bridge was just too weak to sustain the weight of a fully loaded bus. For anyone brought up in Anglesey the concept of a bridge is a very important one - it is after all the way you get to anywhere when you live on an island. Equally it is also a way of shutting yourself away - isolating yourself is not too strong a term - from the rest of the world. The bridge becomes a marker of who you are; the span upon which your identity rests. I see it in Carrog even though the Village is not surrounded by water. The bridge over the Dee is very beautiful and even charming but it is a powerful moment to have to cross it to enter the village. In the crossing we leave something behind and become part of a community.

Gwyn L. Williams.

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