2003 November

Edeyrnion Historical Society

The Edeyrnion Historical Society was formed in 1978. The Corwen Community Council reluctantly called a public meeting to asses the inerest in forming such a society. Amazingly avout eighty people turned up and we pressed ahead from there.

Our aims were to encourage the pursuit of local history, to arrange lectures, discussions and excursions and to seek the preservation of the remains of antiquity. Almost immediately we were to justify our existence when in 1979 Glyndwr Council were advocating the demolition of the old Corwen Workhouse as it conjoured up images of the bad old days. We objected very forcibly and happily our stand was listened to. This means that the most architecturally outstanding building in the town still exists - now known as Corwen Manor.

It is a great shame that we were not around between 1901 and 1908 as we found out on Tuesday, October 21st. Mr. Ian Lebbon gave us a presentation in Carrog Village Hall on the great efforts made by a few to get some support and help to preserve the Prison House of Owain Glyndwr. It is our sad loss that nobody listened then and an important part of our heritage has gone.

Each year we have four lectures in venues within Edeyrnion and three visits to places of interest. All are welcome to join uus at any event but better still - become a member at the cost of only £3 per annum. The next meeting will take place in Ysgol Isa, Cynwyd, on Tuesday, November 25th at 7.30 p.m.

Valmai Webb.

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