Rhagfyr 2003 December

Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Last month the rams were champing at the bit desperate for their annual orgy to begin. Six weeks down the line, however, their enthusiasm seems to have waned somewhat and extra rations and ten months R& R is the order of the day.

The cows are now residing in their five star luxury shippen with me acting as “Head Chef”, room service and cleaning lady.

It seems an age now since summer when, between breakdowns (both human and mechanical), with a bit of luck and a lot of help from the lads in the village we once again managed to fill the hay shed.

Having moaned and groaned at them to stack the shed neatly and squarely, it seems a shame to undo their good work and carry the hay to the cows.

The biggest drawback of feeding the cows inside through the winter is the by-products. The more you put in at one end the more you get out at the other. Once again the muck fork, the wheel barrow and myself will become well aquainted. Roll on spring!

Gareth Llan
© Gareth Bryan - 2003

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