Rhagfyr 2003 December

Warning - Lottery Scan

People are being duped by fake lottery scams operated by international fraudsters.

If you receive unsolicited mail, saying you have won an overseas lottery, treat such letters with caution.

People have received a letter, supposedly from a clairvoyant and including a “future”newspaper claiming they had won more than £12 million in the Millions A Gogo game. The letter, targeting older people, claims there will be a letter of congratulation following from a Prime Minister.

The information may seem genuine and plausible, the so-called ‘winnings’’ are often non-existent.

Payment of an up front administration fee to secure winnings is often followed by a request for a larger fee to cover tax liability before the cash is released.

Further excuses for payment to be held may include allegations the promoters are being investigated by the authorities.

While the ‘winner’ believes the ‘winnings’ are being held pending an inquiry, in reality the fraudster has moved on elsewhere to prey on more victims.

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