Rhagfyr 2003 December

Be a fast 430 ‘Surfer’

Join the campaign to get the 430 telephone exchange onto the best way to the internet - BROADBAND - we only need 78 more users to register for Broadband internet access and then we could all have unlimited access to the internet. Costs vary from £25.00 to £30.00 per month but if you use the Internet regularly this is likely to prove cheaper than your present Internet Service Provider. Access is 10x faster than ordinary modem connections with subsequent savings on telephone bills.

This month A5 Publications are running a campaign to bring Broadband to our local telephone exchange with an information leaflet. You can register your interest at or if you are busy you can send your details using the form on the web site at and your vote will be registered for you with BT Broadband. For more information please email or phone 430667.

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