Ionawr 2004 January

Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Man and dog working together in perfect harmony. A scene replicated throughout Wales. Sadly though not in the Llan. No matter what I say Jill and Moses do exactly as they please.

Last week we struggled with Houdini, the incredible escaping lamb. I wanted him in the field. He, however, preferred the road and after a particularly strenuous hour chasing him up and down Ffordd Cul, Houdini was finally caught and put in the shed. I take consolation in the fact that having been outwitted by a lamb, things can’t get much worse.

Barring Houdini most of this years lambs have now been sold and have made just enough money to keep me in the poverty to which I’ve grown accustomed.

As a rule at this time of year lamb prices begin to increase as lamb availability decreases. In other words just when I’ve got nothing to sell the price goes up. I think I’ve got it wrong again!

Gareth Llan
© Gareth Bryan - 2004

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