Chwefror 2004 February


Y Bont was always intended to be a free bilingual news sheet for the community, with the hope that we could possibly gain grant support to purchase our own printing equipment this year. Well, we have made it to edition five but sadly the grant has never materialised. In fact, much to our disgust it was never put forward for assessment. We are not alone! Apparently other groups in the village who had applied for support from the same grant source have not been assessed. So far the printing costs have been met by A5 Printing and the editorial team on a month by month basis but we do need to change this and to provide the long term future which means that we will now have to charge a small sum for adverts and those appearing this month have either paid or are about to do so. We have several promises of payment for advertising but last months issue had so many contributors there was no room for adverts. If anybody has ideas on grants, contributions or any other means of generating funding we should be grateful to hear from you.

.......... And finally a warm welcome to our new paper boys Eric Lea and David Tinniswood.

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