Chwefror 2004 February

Carrog and Llidiart y Parc

Continuing with our serialised essay from last month the subject this month is Leisure and entertainment:

“There were three Inns in the village in the 19th century - one at Llan Farm (Mr. Godfrey Parry), one at the Blue Bell (now Tawelfa) which closed in 1930 with the following notification to the village:

To the people of Carrog
I henceforth do tell,
That there is no more beer
To be had at Blue Bell.

The third was the Grouse Inn - still open today (and flourishing Ed.) A very important date in the life of Carrog was the first Thursday in June - ODD FELLOWS CLUB DAY. With a Brass Band in attendance the members marched from the National School to a Church Service at 10:30 am. Then, forming a parade with children marching in front carrying a banner - then the band, then the Odd Fellows with their larger banner. They walked to Llidiart Y Parc where the children were given a cake by Edward Jones, Park Shop. The band played for Edward Jones because he was an Honorary Member of the Odd Fellows Club. Then back to Ysgubor Y Grouse (Barn at the Grouse Inn) where a dinner had been prepared for the members and the children had a plateful of rice pudding. Every member paid a penny for the pudding to cover costs. After lunch another march to Rhagatt where the children had a cake and a glass of milk or lemonade and a three penny piece, with the band playing for Mr. Lloyd of Rhagatt and his family. Then back via The Mill and Llan Farm to the school where the Odd Fellows were addressed by their Doctor (The Odd Fellows was a Friendly Society - contributing from their meagre wages to help their co-workers if they were ill). Then the Band led them to the Cottage field where they had fun and games and a stall of cakes and sweets - a special day for all the village.

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