Chwefror 2004 February

Wellies and Wheelbarrows.

Yet again time management is all but non existent in the Llan. Having endured one of the driest summers in years I waited until it rained to start erecting a shed.

Originally I had a nice level excavated piece of ground. However, after a few days of rain I ended up with something that resembled the Somme, with trench foot, bleeding pinched fingers and broken bones in the Health and Safety stakes.

Over the few days it took to get the frame up everything went smoothly. Even when a certain Scotsman referred to me as a ‘Capitalist B......d’, (a comment everybody else seemed to find hilarious) things still ticked along nicely.

In between trying to put the shed up, Gill Tustain came to scan the ewes to determine this years lamb crop. Although we had to work in the sleet and snow we got the job done and the results look promising. The ewes are now split into their different lots depending on what they are carrying, (twins, triplets or singles) and their physical condition (not so good, poor and ‘Oh dear’) and feeding has begun in earnest.

The nightmare that is lambing is getting closer every day.

Gareth Llan
© Gareth Bryan - 2004

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