Chwefror 2004 February

Dillon’s Progress

Having left the “valley of tranquility” in search of furthering my education, I have arrived at the bustling suburbs of Lancaster and Morecambe(!) to study physiotherapy, health and sports studies. Lancaster can only really be described as similar in stature to Chester as both are classed as historical cities and are more or less the the same size.

University has afforded me many opportunities of work and pleasure, which I am fortunate in that I have combined working as a trainee ‘physio’ with a professional football team to actually training and hopefully playing for them.

On the lighter side of recreation I have also been given the opportunity to ‘disc jockey’ on a regular basis with a full time job working on behalf of the student union at one of the many bars. Other than those two main aspects it has basically been academic work (all those stories of wild parties and acts of sheer lunacy are a lie I can assure you!).

Finally I‘d just like to thank everyone who I will have served a pint for over Christmas for the usual banter and words of wisdom, hopefully the same will occur when i return sometime around Easter.

Ian Dillon

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