Mawrth 2004 March


We have now secured sponsorship for this edition and the following two which will take us to the June edition. We have also applied for a Welsh language grant to secure our long term funding, so fingers crossed. We are also now on the web at thanks to Aled Brown who has designed the site free of charge. This month we have had no letters which is rather disappointing. Perhaps our main article this month on the possible sale of Glebe land for housing development by the Church of Wales will raise some letters. Affordable housing, especially for young people in Carrog and Parc, remains a major problem. Homes built as starter homes are affordable only on the first sale, market forces increase their value and take them out of the reach of those most needing them by the time of resale. Housing association properties whilst ensuring low cost housing do not necessarily target local people and can attract people with no understanding of local culture and no desire to participate. If land is sold to a developer they will not unnaturally ensure properties are built which have the greatest profit but which are unlikely to be affordable in the present housing market. The report of the public meeting held about the possible sale is published below.

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