Mawrth 2004 March

Possible Sale of Glebe Land

On 22nd February a Public Meeting was held to discuss the sale of Glebe land, next to the Smithy, by the Church in Wales. Carrog Church was invited to comment but has no direct say or benefit in or from the sale of the land. The public meeting recommended to the PCC the following:

Firstly the preference was for no sale of the land and for it to be retained for agricultural use. Secondly if a sale must take place the land should be used for recreational purposes. Thirdly - if the land is sold for housing development there should be conditions and covenants attached to ensure the development was in the interests of the village. Namely:

1. A housing association should build the houses

2. No development should take place immediately alongside the Smithy - this is a historic building and there is vulnerability to flooding.

3. The PCC should point out the likelihood of flooding to this area and anecdotal evidence that the Environment Agency has suggested the area is unsuitable for development as it is a shingle bank.

4. Any housing should be affordable and only available to people who have lived in Carrog or Parc full time for at least ten years.

5. The Church in Wales should be made aware that other more suitable areas for development exist within the Village.

6. Design of the houses should be sympathetic to the village.

The PCC has passed these observations to the Church in Wales.

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