Ebrill 2004 April


Well, here we still are, seven months on and still in print! The daffodils have finally bloomed and the late snow has gone. We have even had an otter at play within a few yards of the bridge. Lambing is just about done and the first spring caravans have already been seen in the village.

We hope that Y Bont continues to be informative and useful for the whole community. It is important however that we receive your contributions and concerns which we are sure are read and noted by all our Local Authority representatives. Since the first issue we have reported on the very real road dangers of the A5, the lack of any signage for the community, the impending loss of our last Village shop and now, sadly, quite serious incidents of vandalism. The fact that a large vehicle which should not have even been there has caused serious damage to our ancient bridge is bad enough, but this has been made far worse by the persons who thought it clever to push the rest of the parapet wall and the protective barriers into the river late at night. This bridge is substantially unlit at night (another complaint!) and the dangers caused should have been obvious to anyone. All that we can now do as residents, is wait to see if the relevant authorities will have to close the bridge to carry out the necessary repairs. On the last occasion that repairs were carried out, some 20 years ago, there was substantial inconvenience to everybody.

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