Ebrill 2004 April

Planning Application (No. 404010)

An application has been received by Denbighshire County Council on behalf of the Llangollen Railway Trust and Oparofill Construction Ltd. for the following activity :-

To remove approx. 30,000 cubic metres of topsoil and previously deposited roadfill from the former railway line at Bonnwm, Carrog to allow the extension of the railway to Corwen. To deposit same material and level at Glebe Meadow, Carrog (adjacent B5104) to an average depth of 2.1 metres. Scheme of Works and Plans are available at Corwen One Stop Shop from 1st. April.

To temporarily raise the weight limit at Carrog Bridge (Pont Carrog) to 30 tons gvw to allow carriage of the above materials to the Glebe Meadow.

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