Ebrill 2004 April

Health Matters

Cheesy nightmares

Does eating a lot of cheese cause bad dreams?

This depends on the type of cheese and the metabolism of the person eating the cheese. Cheese contains two types of chemicals, one of which stimulates the brain and disturbs sleep, the other chemical reduces stress and induces sleep. A more mature cheese contains the stimulating type of chemical and causes nightmares and bad dreams. Psychoanalysts say that dreaming of cheese is an expression of unresolved conflict. Dreaming of smelly Brie predicts financial or social embarrassment, mild or processed cheese means a need for change. Dreaming of making cheese means success in current ventures!

New research

Researchers in Finland (where people drink more coffee per person than anywhere else in the world!) have found that drinking coffee may protect against Type 2 diabetes - the type associated with older people or very overweight younger people. Drinking three to four cups of coffee a day was associated with a 29% reduced risk of diabetes in women and a 27% education for men. It was a large study involving 14,000 adults over 12 years. Type 2 diabetes can run in families and is more likely if you are overweight, make an appointment to see the practice nurse if you think you are at risk.

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