Ebrill 2004 April


The trout fishing season commenced on 3rd. March, but we have as yet no reports as to the condition of the water or of any catches. There have been huge variations in the river levels in recent weeks since the floods of early February and consequent change in water temperature.

The salmon season on the Dee will not start until much later in the year as the spring run seems to have largely disappeared. This was not always the case as was reported in “Rod in Hand” a 1954 book written by Charles Hancock, the editor of the Birmingham Evening Post. The author stayed for many years in Penlan and was a keen fisherman who had caught his first ever salmon (a 13. pounder!) below Carrog Bridge. He also mentions stopping at the Grouse “to order a glass whilst christening a new fishing rod” and returning within fifteen minutes to the Inn “with an 11-pound fish in good condition”. This was followed by a 15-pounder after lunch!

His 1939 catch of 45 salmon on the Dee would take some beating today. But the biggest record of any local salmon was the remains of one removed by the River Board bailiff above Carrog in June 1954. The corpse was 58 inches long, which would surely have been a monster fish.

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