Ebrill 2004 April

Glyndwr Exchange triggered for ‘Broadband’.

As a result of the recent campaign 120 people from Carrog, Glyndyfrdwy and Llidiart-y-Parc provided their details for onward trnsmission to B.T. to register their interest in Broadband. This means British Telecom has confirmed the Glyndwr exchange will be enabled with Broadband although a date has not yet been set.

Congratulations and Well done to Steve Fox who coordinated the campaign. To Denbighshire Councillor Bob Barton who printed all the posters and fliers and canvassed raffle prizes from local businesses. Thanks to The Grouse Inn, Berwyn Arms, Dave Butcher, Carrog and Glyndyfrdwy Post Offices who all donated prizes to the draw.

Both Carrog and Glyndyfrdwy Schools gave their support.

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