Mai 2004 May


So here we are with edition eight and moving into May. The month that will bring our twinning with Plouyé to fruition and there is an article detailing the arrangements for the weekend. This is a Village event and we hope as many people as possible will participate in the activities. Twinning with another community is a very informal affair, but the future benefits can be considerable with the opportunity to understand how similar communities live their lives. It is unusual for a community as small as ours to undertake it but it is probably as a result of our hospitality to Breton visitors in recent years that Plouyé have asked that they can formally twin with us. Hopefully we can build on this visit and arrange a return visit in the near future to which everyone is welcome.

Our April Fool worked rather too well, first of all taking in a member of our editorial team and then several members of the community. We think apologies are due to those who were so concerned about our community they were prepared to protest and having realised the joke were able to laugh about it. We also should mention the hard working staff at the One Stop Shop who with their usual helpfulness and efficiency pursued the concerns of the people who called in. They quickly established the truth of the matter and put concerns at ease. Thank you for that. BUT watch out for next April!

The Bridge and the Shop remain major concerns to the community. We have a letter concerning the shop and there are many worries over the Bridge as it looks as if for the second time in twenty years Carrog and Parc will be separated when the Bridge is closed for repairs - and just when we created a bridge with Brittany.

The Police are pursuing enquiries with regard to the damage at the Neuadd. The total cost was much smaller than originally thought as York Street Carpets of Wrexham came down on a Sunday and repaired the floor at a very reasonable charge. The toilet cistern, however, had to be replaced. The cost of damage to the window is yet to be assessed. The cost of financing “Y Bont” remains a problem and we are currently awaiting the result of a grant application.

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