Mai 2004 May

Pont Carrog News

The latest on the bridge is that the county council has received estimates for the works and are discussing these with CADW, because of the historical importance of the structure.

Indications are that the bridge may be closed to vehicles but not pedestrians whilst the repairs are carried out which hopefully should only take a few days. In the meantime it is hoped that no further damage is caused.

It should be quite obvious to anyone however that weight restriction warning signs should also be placed at the last point at which vehicles can turn around i.e. at the Station entrance and near the Church/Village Hall area. Does anyone seriously expect drivers, who through no fault of their own, arrive at the bridge, to reverse all the way out again, and while those responsible are at it, why not REDUCE the limit to 7.5 tons gvw and move those ugly signs away from the bridge, which must be one of the most photographed and painted in North Wales?

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