Mai 2004 May

Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Sometime near the end of February I was rudely awoken by a sound that sent shivers down my spine. The first lamb in the Llan for 2004 had been born. His mother had promptly decided she hated the sight of him and tried to mingle innocently with the other ewes. I said a quick prayer and attempted to re-unite them. She still hated him a week later.

Whilst in the middle of lambing a nameless genius in the Ministry County Offices decided it would be a good time to do an official count of my sheep. Although the man who came to count was very pleasant and all sheep were accounted for, it was a headache I could have done without.

On the whole lambing went well with a number of lambs being saved due to friendly ’phone calls from the residents of Maes y Llan. Thank you to everyone who called - it is much appreciated.

With the muck heap getting closer to the road every day I decided to get it on the fields before I ran out of space and had a disaster on my hands. Arwel Bach came around and after a few days work and shower dodging, hed spread the lot.

As the weather was fine and dry I turned some bullocks out to Ddol y Grouse. Two days later the heavens opened and it turned colder. So much for the long range weather forecast.

It looks although there is enough hay to last until everything else leaves the sheds, but when that will be is anyones guess.

The cows are due to calve over the next few weeks so sleep deprivation is on the cards once again. Any insomniacs in Carrog who enjoy a tug of war just give me a ring.

Gareth Llan
© Gareth Bryan 2004

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