Mai 2004 May

Council Elections and Our Community

On June 10th. elections will take place for European, County and Community Council members.

It is not our policy to make political comments, but aspiring candidates are reminded that in the case of both county and community council elections nominations must be in by Thursday 13th. May.

What we do intend however is to ask through this paper that all candidates tell us exactly what they intend to do for Carrog/Parc if they are elected? And by that we also mean candidates who not live in our community but who wish to represent us. We intend to publish those comments in the June edition to help our readers with their voting intentions. We have touched on several issues directly relevant to our community in the last few months and it will be interesting to see who takes up the cudgels on our behalf. And how long they can do it for!

Councillor Rhys Webb will be retiring from the County Council next month after what must seem like a lifetime of service in local government - 46 years in which he has represented this community as an Independent Councillor on Merioneth, Clwyd and Denbighshire County Councils. In addition to serving the local community on countless committees and acting as school governor and magistrate.

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