Mehefin 2004 June

Wellies and Wheelbarrows

I don’t want to give the impression I’m never happy but surely its about time we had some rain. Although the fine weather has enabled me to clear a lot of outstanding work , if it doesn’t rain soon the Llan is going to look like the Sahara for the rest of the year.

Despite my predictions of having enough hay to last until the cows went out, I ended up having to buy silage from a neighbour. I say ‘buy’ but in traditional farmer fashion I haven’t actually paid for it yet.

I had a spot of bother with a heifer calving last week. Unable to cope alone, I fetched Vivian to help. However, our combined efforts failed to produce a calf. With me sweating and swearing Vivian went on a mercy dash to Penarth to fetch Keith and his calving ratchet and I continued pulling on the calving ropes. The heifer had meanwhile decided she didn’t want a calf after all and was making no attempt whatsoever to help. When I had just about given up on getting the calf out alive, the heifer decided to heave again. I pulled and the calf came without any further problems. Vivian and Keith arrived on the yard to find mother and calf looking quite happy getting to know each other and me looking like I’d gone twelve rounds with Lennox Lewis.

All the lambs have had their first worm drench and the ewes have been tailed, so the next big job will be shearing next month.

In the meantime I’’ll have to carry on with my new shed. It was supposed to be a job for the winter but as usual things haven’t gone to Plan in Llan. Maybe I will have finished it before the next article.

Gareth Llan.
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