Mehefin 2004 June

June 10th Elections

Candidates in the local elections are as follows :-

Denbighshire County Council - 1 vacancy
Candidates - David Ellis Jones, Huw Llewelyn Jones, Nigel Paul Roberts, Lyn Silcox, Arthur Mark Thomas.

In our May edition we gave the opportunity to any candidates who were standing for local election to explain what they would do for Carrog/Llidiart y Parc. We have received the following responses…….

“I welcome the opportunity to tell the people of Carrog and Llidiart y Parc what I have done and what I intend to do for the community. Most of you know me as Nigel the Milk, you see me on a regular basis and you will be aware that I have served the community for the past thirty years as a firefighter. If elected as your local councillor I will fight for issues which are important for us all. I am standing as an independant candidate representing the people of our community which I feel is more important than party politics.”
Nigel Paul Roberts.

“I have lived in Carrog for almost 20 years and for most of that time I ran an Insurance Brokers Business from the centre of Corwen Town. I am familiar with local issues and the people they affect, and the recent survey has brought to light strong feelings and concerns on many other local issues, my thanks to you all for those returned, if you still wish to return your survey form you can post them through my letter box at Glanaber in Carrog or the old Insurance Relay offices in Corwen. My promise if elected for the Corwen district, is to listen, to hear and to be available to you all no matter what your own political views are. My objective is to work hard with the Denbighshire C.C. and Local Residents, using local opinion and commonsense on issues that matter to us. My belief is that Councillors should be there to represent the people not themselves, we are all rate payers, we all deserve to have our say and through me you will get that right. I hope you will support me in the Local Elections and help to make a difference.”
Lynne Silcox.

There will be no election for Corwen Community Council and all candidates will be elected unopposed, including our own David Jones and Brynle Hughes.

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