Medi 2004 September


WE HAVE MADE IT - This is our twelth edition completing one year since the first edition of “Y Bont” was published. It has not been easy and has involved a lot of dedicated work by many people, Sue Jones for translating into Welsh, our delivery team and all those who have contributed. But a special thank you to everyone who has had enough faith to sponsor us on a month by month basis either with advertising or by contribution. We have now received a grant of £105 but this really only pays for one edition. We now need everyone to attend the ‘“Y Bont” Birthday Bash’ on Saturday 2nd October to ensure we have enough funds to survive another year.

Coincidentally we are also back to three pages this month as we were in our first edition. This is due to a need to publish early but will hopefully lead to a bumper edition next month!

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