Medi 2004 September

Remember Glyndwr Festival

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th September a Cofio Glyndwr (Remember Glyndwr) Festival will be held in Carrog and Corwen. Around 20 Manx dancers and musicians and 10 Breton musicians are attending.

Friday the evening will start in Corwen Square with the Breton musicians playing. Everything will then move to Carrog for an evening of dancing and music in the Village Hall with a bar and refreshments. Cost of entry will be very low at £2.00 for adults with no charge for accompanied children. On Saturday there will be a workshop in Carrog for Manx dancing and dancing in Corwen later. At 3.00 p.m. there will be a medieval re-enactment on the Pavillion field, followed by a procession from the Square to the Pavillion for children, dancers and musicians. This is to be followed by a presentation to the Community Council of a replica dagger, followed by a short play about Glyndwr.

There will then be music and dancing from Welsh, Breton and Manx groups with a bar and refreshments. Entry will be free of charge. Please attend if you can a,s if this is a success, the intention is to make the Festival a yearly event.

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