Medi 2004 September

Village Hall

A meeting was held on Monday 16th August. Apart from future events already mentioned in this edition other matters discussed were:

Security - The Post Office are likely to use the Village Hall on a temporary basis and there is now no definitive list of keys issued as copies have been made. The lock is therefore to be changed to a high security lock in the near future.

Charging policy/hire conditions - it was agreed these should be updated to reflect changing conditions and these will be issued shortly.

Treasurers Report - Apart from explaining the financial position it was also gratefully noted that “The Grouse” has made a contribution of £100 for increased business at the Village Hall.

Curtains - the material has now been purchased and sent away for fireproofing.

A full copy of the minutes of the meeting are available upon request from the Secretary - Janice Sheasby.


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