Hydref 2004 October


Happy New &ldquo:Y Bont” Year to everybody! In October 2003 we began &ldquo:Y Bont” as a news sheet with the stated intention of keeping everyone in our bridged community fully informed of past and future events. The first edition was two pages and largely a diary of events, this month we publish with five pages and apart from a diary there are features, photographs and articles. What a difference a year makes!

We can’t always get it completely right - we have had to postpone the Bash to November 13th, but we hope everyone will support the event, especially as children, parent accompanied, will have free entry. But things we have reported upon include the Parc 40 mph - now to be implemented, repairs to the bridge, successes of our young people, events large and small, housing issues, births, engagements, marriages, retirements, deaths and many other matters. And along the way we have created our very own regular columnists in farming and health whose writings we are reliably informed are eagerly awaited by our readers!

The letters page has also proved to be popular. If you have something to say - say it through &ldquo:Y Bont”.

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