Hydref 2004 October

Carrog Celtic Weekend hailed a Success

A total of 10 Bretons and 18 Manx musicians and dancers stayed in Carrog during the weekend of 17th and 18th September for a Celtic Festival to remember Glyndwr.

Thursday saw the arrival of the Bretons who played for and danced with Carrog School on Friday morning and at Dinas Bran School in the afternoon. In the evening they were joined by the Manx and several Welsh Performers in the Village Hall.

Manx musicians in the Village Hall

The Manx musicians in the Village Hall.

Unfortunately due to heavy traffic the Manx were rather late arriving but they quickly changed and joined in the festivities, which continued, for some, into the very early hours of Saturday morning. This did not prevent all Manx and Bretons being up and about to attend the Steam Extravaganza at Rhûg where both groups danced and played. Later in the day both Manx and Bretons played and danced in Corwen, with the Manx dancers holding a workshop for about 100 local school children attending the Festival. As one of the dancers said, “When we invite children in the Island to come and join in we might get 10, here we were overwhelmed by a wave of children wanting to join in. It was very rewarding.”

Bretons om Carrog School

The Bretons damce and play in Carrog School.

Everyone then returned to the Grouse for the evening, making an already crowded pub even more so, but amazingly both Breton and Manx musicians found room to play and also found many pieces of music known to both, enabling them to play together.

Bretons and Manx in The Grouse

Bretons and Manx play together in The Grouse.

The dancers showed how very little room they needed to perform in by dancing in the crowded main bar but eventually cleared the pool table to one side and danced in the pool room.

Proceeds from the Friday night, including a £100 contribution from the Grouse, went towards travelling and other expenses.

On Sunday a communal lunch was held by Dick and Janice Sheasby at the Cottage before the Manx were taken by car over the Berwyns. Several messages and letters of thanks have been received from the Manx who would love to return and in fact have been persuaded to take part in next years Eisteddfod.

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