Hydref 2004 October

Plas Hyfryd (formerly St. Davids)

The Care Standards Agency (CSA) confirm that Mental Health Care UK have submitted an incomplete application for the redesignation of Plas Hyfryd as a Hospital, and is currently not being processed.

The senior officer of the CSA based in Mold has also stated that Mental Health Care will require planning permission before they can proceed - this advice conflicts with that given previously. There are therefore some safeguards in place. Karen Sinclair, our Assembly Member, has written to the CSA and will inform “Y Bont” of any new information she receives.

It is therefore premature to call a public meeting but residents are requested to share any new information they may have with the Community Councillors. Communication would also be improved if Mental Health Care UK could take appropriate action to keep local residents properly informed of their intentions.

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