Tachwedd 2004 November

Carrog / Parc Charity Auction

The joint auction.

Many people were extremely generous both in their contributions and in their bidding and it would be difficult to name particular individuals without inevitably leaving some out. However, we should particularly like to thank the following people from outside Carrog and Parc, whose assistance and contribution were greatly appreciated. Dick ‘Auctioneer’ who gave his services voluntarily and who managed to sell just about everything, sometimes to people who didn’t even know they were bidding!

Gordon and Anne Jones for their encouragement and help in organising the whole event and whose original idea it was. Tina ‘Post Office’ for advertising the event and assisting on the day and last but very much not least, Nicola Tustain for contributing her Olympic sweatshirt and cap, which considerable boosted the income.

Also a very big thank you to the considerable team who worked so hard before and on the day to organise and run the event - from collecting items for sale, cataloguing and numbering items, setting up the sale room, registering bidders, tracking bids, collecting payments and supplying refreshments. Lack of room prevents us from naming them all but they know who they are, as does the rest of the community.

The final amount raised was £1,706 which is accounted for as follows:

Publicity/printing £75.00
Peree Bane Manx Group and
Breton Group £50 each for supporting the Village During the
Glyndwr weekend £100
Y Bont £79.00
Village Hall Carrog £726.00
Church £726.00

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