Tachwedd 2004 November


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Dear Editor’s of Y Bont

The Summer Fayre was a success this yer and raised £1,102 22p which is now being distributed to various organisations within the village. The committee had a meeting at the end of September and decided to donate £225.00 to “Y Bont” to cover 3 months printing. We hope this is of help to you with the costs and we wish to congratulate you on all your hard work in getting “Y Bont” out each month. We wish you well and hope that “Y Bont” will continue.

Yours sincerely

Nia Roberts Chairman

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Dear editor

Thank you for a year of “Y Bont”, we always look forward to receiving it and catching up with the news of the community.

I am writing in response to your picture of Carrog Juvenile Choir. I too, have a copy of the photograph that was given to you by Mrs Brown. My copy is inscribed on the back, with the date 1922. My copy of the photograph belonged to my Grandmother, Olwen Utting (neé Evans), who is the girl in the centre of the second row (behind the two girls holding the placard).

Olwen was born in 1908 at No 9, Gwylfa Terrace, Llydiart-y-Parc and would be 14 in the photograph. She was the second child with two sisters and two brothers. Olwen married a Liverpudlian, Harry, and moved to Liverpool in 1932. They finally settled in London after the war with their young son Dafydd, my father, and the family remained in London until a few years after Harry’s death. In the mid 1970s Olwen returned to Carrog and lived at No. 2 Tai Teg. Her brother Brynle returned to live at No 9 Gwylfa, and her youngest sister Marion came to live at Llaburnum Cottage. Brynle died in 1995 and Olwen in 1997. No 9 Gwylfa, where they were all born has remained with my family, finally passing to me last year. I have very happy memories of Carrog from when I was a child. We would come in the summer and play by Carrog bridge. Throughout my life I have continued to visit the village, more so these days as we now have a house to look after. For the moment we are still based in Bristol, but we hope that will change! For those who have noticed the new house name, you will understand why I have called it Ty Fy Hen Nain (my great grandmother’s house).

Carrog is a very special place, Olwen always called it home, and I am proud and delighted to continue the family connection here.

Best regards

Nikki Potts (neé Utting)

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