Ionawr 2005 January


A Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you have made your New Year resolutions. The editor’s resolutions are listed below along with some, tongue in cheek, suggested ones for other members of the community.

Perhaps as a community we should also make a resolution to bring pressure to have traffic weight and size restricted on the Bridge and the restriction signs moved up to the A5 and to the Fedw junction so that wagons have a chance to turn round. Wagons which are obviously too large and heavy continue to try and cross and smaller wagons with less competent drivers end up bouncing off the sides. As a result David Blair is now missing a very large section of wall and the coping stones on the Parc side of the Bridge are again dislodged.

All problems seem to be eclipsed, however, by the ongoing disaster in Asia and several people have suggested we set up a Village appeal, details of which can be found in “Y Bont” Tsunami Disaster Appeal.

We also note that we have a second newspaper in the Village, the Carrogite News, and would like to congratulate those who produced it. We understand that several people mentioned in it are very keen to find the editors so that their lawyers can speak to them!

Rumours continue to abound with regard to St. Davids and there is considerable anxiety over the lack of information. A change to hospital status will potentially affect not only Carrog and Parc but communities further afield who also need to be aware of the potential situation. If you feel strongly enough, see the article below about a public meeting.

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