Ionawr 2005 January

St Davids

New Concerns Expressed

Considerable concern has recently been expressed within the community regarding the situation at St Davids and we have been asked to give an update. The position with regard to any proposed change of use remains unclear and Mental Health Care UK has not lodged an application with the County Council in this respect.

We reprint below an extract of the original article from the September issue:

"St. Davids, which is owned by Mental Health Care UK, has submitted an application for Hospital status under the Care Standards Act 2000. This means that, if successful, they would be able to house people detained under a relevant section of the Mental Health Act 1983, who may have been convicted of serious sexual and violent crimes. This is part of a Government Strategy to move people normally lodged in secure environments, into smaller units."

Given the level of concern, if anybody wishes the Community Council to call a public meeting, you must inform your local councillors (David Jones - 430255 or Ian Lebbon 430625 or Brynle Hughes 430215) by 21st January 2005. Your councillors would then request a public meeting be called immediately to involve all local communities affected by any change in the status of St Davids plus our local AM and County Councillor and a representative from Mental Health care UK.

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