Ionawr 2005 January

Wellies and Wheelbarrows

Before I start on this month’s catalogue of disasters I have an apology to make. In an earlier article I thanked Matt for helping me get my wayward bullocks home, however, I neglected to thank two others. So to my two favourite groupies Nic and Kat I’m sorry I forgot to mention you both and thanks very much for your help.

With all the cattle inside for winter the endless cycle of feeding and mucking out has begun in earnest. It’s not a very inspiring job and seems to play havoc my social life. All the buses to Llangollen are either too early, before feeding or too soon after feeding for me to catch them. Somebody should have a word with Arriva as it’s costing me a fortune in taxis when I want a night out.

I sold some more lambs the week before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised by the money they made. I’ve only got twelve left now but they are such a rag tag looking bunch I think I will hide when they are sold in the auction and deny all knowledge of them if anyone asks if they are mine.

Gill Tustain came to scan the ewes last Tuesday and as we were working outside I built her a little shelter to work in to keep her dry. Unfortunately the wind changed direction and the home made tent proved ineffective (I don’t think she was overly impressed). Despite the lack of shelter Gareth Blondie and myself managed to put the ewes through without too much bother and the results were better than last years.

In an effort to keep my fields around the farm buildings clean for lambing time I’ve started feeding the ewes on the higher ground. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however, I’ve only been doing it for a week and I’m already fed up of carrying bales up there on my back. I don’t think it’s going to be long before I open the gates and start feeding behind the school as usual

Gareth Llan.
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