Ionawr 2005 January

New Year Resolutions

The Editors

Paul Fisher - To check all buttons and zips before reading in Church and not to mention Christingle and Dance in the same sentence.

Ian Lebbon - Not to sing about his sister Belinda and her performance. When being a paper boy to deliver to ALL the houses in Carrog and Parc.

Colin Roberts - To continue his support of Bunny Refugee Agencies and to remember editorial meetings.

For others who know who they are:

To remember the difference between microwaveable hot water bottles and non-microwaveable mobile phones.

Not to blame pet ducks for personal body functions.

For bell ringers to wear hard hats and learn new tunes but to still find time to maintain our churchyard so well.

To continue entertaining the Village with stories of everyday farming life and continue supplying excellent Welsh Black beef.

For those needing new clothes to stop persuading other peoples wives to shrink expensive sweaters on their behalf.

To explain how the cost of beans on toast is composed mainly of a tax on greenhouse gases

For ladies on clay pigeon shoots to remember that they are there to shoot clay pigeons and not moles and injuries received are not to be blamed on husbands.

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