Ionawr 2005 January


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Dear Editor

As most of you will remember, in the year 2000, four stout and hardy gentlemen of Carrog attempted to climb the three highest peaks in the British Isles, Snowdon, Scarfel Pike and Ben Nevis, within 24 hours.

This was achieved in the amazing time of 22 hours 13 minutes with some hair raising moments along the way. 3 of the original team members, Ian Lebbon, Peter Roberts and Steven Davies, together with one new member, have decided to attempt the challenge again in June 2005 and try to reduce the time even further.

There will be a back-up team of 3 vehicles and at least 4 drivers involved and their job will be to complete the journey between peaks in the shortest possible time, obviously with safety and the speed limits in mind, and to have food ready if the walkers should need it.

We notice that there are a group in the village who go by the name “The Carrogites”who have started producing a highly entertaining news sheet. It would add a lot of interest to the three peaks event if they could form a team and join us. Possibly, with a challenge in mind, between the present record holders and the Carrogites.

As an incentive to join us, you may like to know that the event is timed to finish at approximately 9am on the Saturday. This coincides with the opening times of the local ale houses in Fort William.

We would then return to Carrog on the Sunday for a final celebration at the Grouse Inn.

The record holders will be holding a meeting in the Grouse in January to arrange the details of accommodation route and times etc. Any one from the Carrogites wishing to join us will be very welcome.

Eric Lea

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Our First Christmas in Carrog

Having spent most of our lives in the leafy suburbs of Liverpool, we moved to Carrog for a quieter pace of life - or so we thought!

We started our Christmas at the Carol Service on Christmas Eve. What a beautiful Church and what a lovely service in a magical atmosphere.

Then it was down to The Grouse for what seemed like the start of two weeks of non stop drinking! It was a lively evening, helped along by the guitarist and enthusiastic singing.

Right on cue, we woke up to snow on Christmas morning - then it was back down to The Grouse for midday drinks.

After a hearty Christmas dinner at home, our neighbours invited us in for a few more drinks that evening.

On Boxing Day we were up early for the Clay Pigeon Shoot at Llan Farm. We had a great time. Although the girls were nowhere near the men’s standard, they shot well and we’re sure they’ll give the men a run for their money next year! In the evening, we had a fabulous time at a party in the village.

Monday brought a return to the Grouse for our daily alcohol fix, leaving Tuesday to put our feet up at home for the first time.

The hectic schedule continued in the New Year with another great party and further time spent with new friends and neighbours.

We have never had such an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and would like take this opportunity to thank everyone in the village for making us feel so at home here.

Ian & Karen Ravenscroft

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