Ionawr 2005 January



Sorry you weren’t at the do the other Friday. All your family and friends were there. They all said how much they miss you and we all talked about the laughs we had and the mischief you got up to.

What a do! Even the United and Everton fans sang “You’ll never walk alone”, and what a cracking Vicar we’ve got!

Then of course we all went to the Grouse, Sarah put on a spread and we all talked, laughed and even cried about you. So sorry you weren’t there, lots of your friends have told me how disappointed they were not to be able to be at the do, but all asked to be remembered to you.

Thanks mate, we had a good time remembering you, now it’s your turn to watch over us.

See you. Love - Dooley and Pip. XXX

14.9.1951- 12.12.2004

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