Chwefror 2005 February


So, we are into February already, January has gone, and Christmas is something that happened last year. January is a traditionally quiet month, which is why this months edition is a slightly more “Compact” Bont, if the Times can do it then so can we. During January, villagers have had time to recover from the pressures of the previous months and to detox (although a few haven’t bothered with the detox bit).

The photographs this month are of Carrog several Januarys ago, but does any one know exactly how many? We don’t see scenes like this anymore, is it a good or bad thing?

Looking forward to village life and “Y Bont” over the next few months, we can expect the trials and tribulations of lambing on the Llan and one of our editors will be dispatched to Murrayfield (under protest) to give a special report on the Wales v Scotland match in the Six Nations tournament. April to June will see coverage of the Three Peaks Challenge, where village ‘elders’ will take on a carefully selected team of Carrogites (you know who you are). This will bring us neatly into July and the Llangollen Eisteddfod, no Bretons this year unfortunately, but we will be graced with the presence of a dance group from the Isle of Man. Apparently they don’t have bagpipes, which will please some members of the community! Finally we are looking forward to the sacks full of letters that you are going to send us this year so that we can publish bumper Bonts! Please keep your eye on the diary and try and support at least some of the events that are happening in and around the village, after all, this is what makes us a community.

Parc Hill in winter.

Parc Hill in winter

The road alongside the river approaching Carrog Bridge.

The road alongside the river approaching Carrog Bridge

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