Chwefror 2005 February


As it was dry last Friday I took the opportunity to spread some muck in an attempt to prevent my muck heap from spreading onto the road. I must explain that my muck spreader is an old land device Salopian which I bodged together from two old spreaders that I bought from Keith ‘Penarth’ for the princely sum of twenty quid. Having taken out a few loads without any hitches I was starting to congratulate myself on my shrewd investment and was full of confidence in 1950s technology. It was during this rare moment of self belief when everything went wrong. The bed chain snapped and I was stuck with a muck spreader that would not spread. Believe me, there is nothing more humiliating than standing in your muck spreader in the middle of a field with a muck fork emptying it by hand.

Mr. Woodhall (the vet) came to check the cows were in calf earlier in the week. As the results weren’t too promising on his last visit I was somewhat worried. As it turned out there was no problem all the cows proved to be from 4 - 6 months pregnant. The following day I had a bovine inspection by the Ministry. This involved checking every animals ear tags and all the cattle movement records. This again went OK, apart from the fact that every cow seemed to take great pleasure from standing on my feet or crushing me against the stalls. With my usual impeccable timing I started laying a hedge just as the 70 mph gales hit Wales. A battle of wills ensued between myself and mother nature and although it was a close run thing I gave up and waited ’til the wind dropped to carry on.

Hedge laying is a job that I enjoy but don’t get much opportunity to do, so it takes me a while to get into the swing of things. The first stretch I laid is a bit dodgy to say the least, which is a pity really as it’s visible from the Morfydd. The last stretch, however, looks good even if I do say so myself. Unfortunately that’s out of site at the bottom of Cae Pwll so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Gareth Llan
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