Mawrth 2005 March


A week, as they say is a long time in politics! On 11th. February 10 local schools including our local school, Carrog School were given the shock news that they were to close in 2006. This news was said to be ‘confidential’ and ‘not to be disclosed until the 15th.’, when there would be a press announcement. Not surprisingly the Press were aware almost immediately and the news very rapidly spread around our community. The reactions that have been reported to us ranged from disgust to outrage and disbelief that such a proposal can have even been contemplated without consultation or understanding of the essential part the school plays in community life.

Public reaction though, has been amazing with literally dozens of letters and calls being made to Councillors, MP’s and Assembly Members. Your editors even toiled over the production of a special edition of “Y Bont” which would publicise the fight even further and be an opportunity to gather everyone’s views. It was very obvious not just parents, pupils and teachers were concerned but every section of our community - as one letter writer put it to Denbighshire’s Chief Executive ‘closing our school will take the heart out of our very rural community - and out of us also’.

The County Council met to consider the proposals at their meeting on 22nd February, a meeting which was marked by a mass protest from all the communities threatened. In the face of this opposition the council has, for the time being, withdrawn it’s proposals, a decision which we welcome, so at least for the time being Carrog School, and other rural schools will continue to provide the excellent community education for which they are renowned.

However, this is not the end, it is only the beginning of the end. There will still be a fight into the future and we shall have to stay vigilant on two fronts. Firstly, this will be an issue to be raised again and secondly it is only one of the ways in which central and local government continue to erode rural life. We have published all the letters received in support of the School even though the threat has temporarily subsided.

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