Mawrth 2005 March


I’ve really got rid of the last of my lambs this month just in time for the new ones to arrive. Although I have to admit they weren’t the best bunch I’ve ever sold it was very embarrassing when every buyer in the auction looked at them, grimaced, and then promptly moved down the aisle to check out the other pens. Dic auctioneer finally sold them for a reasonable price and I was glad to make my exit.

With my new shed only requiring the doors to complete it I decided to try and sort out the mud bath which used to be my back yard. I got the two Arwels in (Dolben and Davies) and promptly started to excavate the site. Arwel ‘bach’ carried the soil away to the Felin where everything went well until the heavens opened and Arwel’s trailer started to turn the field into a bog - still you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

I had my first lamb of the season the other Sunday morning. Unfortunately it was dead, actually it wasn’t just dead it was absolutely rotten. Even after washing my hands several times I could still smell the lamb on them later that evening. After a jab of penicillin the ewe looked none the worse for her ordeal. In fact she looked quite relieved she wasn’t going to have to rear a lamb this year.

All the ewes have had their ‘heptovac’ injection, in readiness for lambing and as usual I managed to inject myself at the same time. At least I know I wont contract lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, tetanus, brany, blackleg or clostridial metritis this year.

The ewes have been split into their various groups for lambing time with the twins and poorest ones being housed and the stronger singles being outside. If the weather holds I hope to lamb the majority of the girls outside, however, I have a nagging suspicion that when the lambing gets into full swing the weather will turn nasty on me.

The bullocks are busy eating me out of house and home and are looking very well on it. They’re certainly keeping my wheelbarrow in full employment. Although I haven’t got round to telling them we will be parting company in the very near future.

Gareth Llan
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