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Llansantffraid Over Sixty Club

Dear Sir,

At a meeting of the above club on February 17th the members expressed their dismay at the reported intention to close Carrog Primary School and they wish to protest most strongly against this happening.

As a club we have enjoyed being part of the new generations in the village by being included in numerous activities and all the entertainment given by the pupils of the school on St David’s day, at Christmas and on many other occasions. Closing the school will take the heart out of our very rural community - and out of us also.

Please explore all possible ways for Denbighshire County Council to keep open our school in Carrog for the foreseeable future.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of our members,

Mrs Gladys Jones, (Secretary).

Copy to Karen Sinclair, AM.
Rhianon Hughes, Leader of Denbighshire County Council.

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Big isn’t always better. Those of us who have chosen to live in small rural villages can testify to that.

We recognise that there may be additional costs associated with our choice and we also appreciate that we do not have access to many services that are available in larger towns.

However this doesn’t result in a reduction in our Council Tax, and to pay over £80 a month Council Tax for two bin bags a week appears a bit excessive! Nevertheless we are very willing to continue contributing to the County and Police budgets.

But then THEY decide to consult on closing our school. OK - we accept that there must be a minimum size for all things but in Carrog School we offer 40 pupils the opportunity of a first class primary education .

As a Governor of the school I recognise that we must continually review what we provide and take steps to meet the needs of our pupils and their parents.


Their contact addresses are in this edition of “Y Bont”. We will only succeed if we can mobilize all possible sources of support.

Please Help.

Community Councillor David Jones

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Ysgol Carrog lives to fight another day.

I am absolutely delighted at the decision taken on Tuesday 22 February by the Leader of the Cabinet, Rhiannon Hughes, to throw out the proposal to close Ysgol Carrog. I have also been amazed and delighted at the outspoken and overwhelming support that has been shown for the school over the past couple of weeks.

Thank you to everyone!

But... (there’s always a but, isn’t there!), we must remember that the decision is only a reprieve - the proposal to close small rural schools will come up again. In preparation for this, the Board of Governors will be working with staff, parents, and members of the community to put together plans to ensure the short-, medium- and long-term future of the school - and the community within which it operates.

Facing the threat of closure has been frightening, but has turned into a hugely positive experience - we have discovered (as individuals, as parents, and as a community) just how much Ysgol Carrog means to us all. It is now important that we harness and focus this positive energy to ensure that we are ready for the next round and that Ysgol Carrog lives to fight another day.

Dr Sarah Smith.
Chair of the Board of Governors of Ysgol Carrog.

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The day I left Ysgol Carrog.

That day was full of sadness. Not a happy face to be seen, the whole of Year 6 had faces like it was there worst day of their lives. I was really upset. Taking pictures of friends I might not see again. Everybody signing my jumper and giving me hugs.

The hardest part of that day was saying goodbye to the staff. Especially Aunty Jan, she has always been there for me ever since I was in nursery. She helped me with my problems and was always kind to me. Next, Mrs Jones. She was such a good teacher. When I entered the Urdd she would help me with my welsh. Mrs Lebbon was always kind and thoughtful and she always made me do my best in everything that I did. I didn’t think I could leave Ysgol Carrog, I was walking through the gates home and I looked back and saw my primary school. I had a tear in my eye; I tried not to let it out.

I have to go past Ysgol Carrog every day and even now I still I have a tear in my eye. I miss the children, the staff and I miss taking part in things. Most of all I miss all my friends.

Everytime we have a teacher training day or something I go and see them. I wish that Ysgol Carrog was a secondary school. I hate my new school, I just want to be back in Ysgol Carrog with my old friends and the staff.

Thank you Ysgol Carrog for giving me the best days of my lives!!

By Samantha Scott.

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