Ebrill 2005 April


We have weathered the storm of our school closing, for the time being anyway, but are now faced by a new potential threat from the change of use of St. Davids to a private hospital. This would allow for the possibility of people, from outside the local communities, and perhaps outside Wales, who have been forcibly detained because of serious sexual or violent offences to be housed there. A report of the well-attended public meeting is in this edition. The main message that came from the meeting is that a company, apparently only interested in maximising profit and with no responsibility to our communities (this affects a much wider area than Carrog alone) is only controlled by the Care Standards Inspectorate Wales, who also have no responsibility to our communities. Planning permission for change of use or for alterations to the building seems to be unnecessary.

We have suffered all along from a lack of information from Mental Health Care UK Ltd., but now seem to suffer from the same problem with the Care Standards Inspectorate Wales, neither of whom took the trouble to attend the meeting and in the case of the CSIW have failed so far to supply information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Fortunately we have Karen Sinclair A.M. on our side, who has asked for an urgent meeting with the Company and CSIW to explain our concerns and to ask for an explanation of their intentions. We were also fortunate to have Brynle Williams AM, a renowned campaigner present, and also the prospective Plaid Cymru and Conservative candidates.

We have all received our new and higher council tax bills, which are considerably higher for those who have been re-banded. Within this is a considerable proportion for policing. Can we now expect a level of policing sufficient to deal with the present mini outbreak of anti social behaviour and malicious damage?

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