Ebrill 2005 April

FARMING LIFE by Annie Yaxley

Working outside in the clean, fresh air,
The sound of birdsong everywhere,
To the passer-by it seems, he hasn’t a care.
The farmer’s life is such a pleasant one.

Up through the night when the world’s asleep,
Trying his best from harm to keep
The newborn lambs and the labouring sheep.
The farmer’s life is such a lonely one.

Yes, lambing then shearing then harvest to do,
Mending and maintenance, the work is never through.
That passer-by just doesn’t have a clue.
The farmer’s life is such a hectic one.

There’s plenty to do to keep him fit,
Mucking out the cows then spreading it,
It seems the poor farmer’s always in the ... midst of it!
The farmer’s life is such a mucky one.

Meeting at the market, discussing trade,
Wondering what sort of prices he’s made,
He tries to keep his hopes up, there are bills to be paid.
The farmer’s life is such a troubled one.

Passports, IACS and VAT.
Insurance and taxes, it’s plain to see,
He surely needs the help of a secretary.
The farmer’s life is such a stressful one.

A gofer, a fetcher, a carrier of hay,
A midwife at lambing without any pay.
Cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking - four meals a day
The farmer’s wife is such a patient one.

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