Mai 2005 May


On 24th May, at 3.30 p.m., Rhiannon Hughes and other members of Denbighshire County Council are planning to visit Carrog School and attend an open meeting in the Village Hall. We are intending to make this a positive meeting that provides Denbighshire County Council with the information that it needs to justify to the Welsh Assembly why Carrog School should stay open. Specifically, we hope that this meeting will provide opportunities:

• for Denbighshire County Council to experience Carrog School environment and facilities

• for the school, parents and community to present the positive case for keeping Carrog School open

• for the school, parents and community to express views, and raise issues and concerns

• for Denbighshire County Council to respond to these views, issues and concerns

• to discuss the way forward via further meetings, which might include more detailed presentations by the school, parents and community, exploration of options, and to learn about the formal processes involved.

Rhiannon and Mr. Dewi Owens have already visited the school informally and, following this visit, Dewi wrote to our Headteacher, Mrs. Lebbon, to say how impressed they were with the school, staff and pupils, and the way in which the hall was shared by the community and school. He also commented that we might well be a role model for how communities and schools share facilities.

Please do come along to the meeting - to support the school, to show Denbighshire County Council that you care, to hear for yourself what is said - and to have YOUR say! If you have a point that you think should go into the formal presentations that will be made by parents and community, please let us know (by talking to Mrs. Lebbon or myself on 01490 430229).

Dr. Sarah Smith.
Chair of the Board of Governors of Carrog School


Parents are currently organising an ongoing petition to keep the school open. If you have not yet had the opportunity to sign but would like to do so please contact Mandy on 412670.

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