Mai 2005 May


There’s something living in this village,
It’s been here for many a year.
Not man, nor beast, yet It does have a heart
Now something’s trying to kill It, I fear.

It’s done no harm to anyone,
On the contrary, I’d say;
It’s nurtured children, year after year,
Through word, through music, through play.

Generations of families have gone there.
Each one of Its charges enjoys
Being known as an individual child,
Not just as one of the girls or the boys.

Like the post office/shop, church and chapel,
It’s vital to small village life.
Yet it seems to be one or the other is always
Under the threat of the knife.

So, who wants to squeeze the life from It?
Who wants It to wither and die?
Who wants the sound of children at play
To be just part of times gone by?

Is some hollow eyed, foul smelling monster
Lurking in shadows at night.
Waiting the chance to perform its dark deed
And he gone by the first morning light?

No, of course not, that’s far too dramatic!
Just a little bit over the top.It’s the “
Powers that Be” with their figures and facts
That we desperately need to atop.

So it’s up to us now to protect It;
To ensure that It goes unmolested.
We took the first step in preserving Its life
When we gathered, an masse, and protested.

Oh yes, they have their reasons: they’ll tell us,“
It will make more sense if you send
Your children to bigger and better schools
It’s for their own good in the end”

But they just want to close down our village.
A small school? They seem to begrudge it!
Especially if any additional costs
Have to come out of their precious budget!

So let’s all pull together on this one.
Show them openly how much we care.
So the next generation of kids in the village
Will still find It living there.

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