Mai 2005 May


Following the public meeting on the 18th. March, Karen Sinclair, our Assembly Member, arranged a meeting with Peter Graham, the Regional Director of the North East Wales office of the Care Standards Inspectorate(CSIW).

At the meeting Karen accompanied by David Jones took the opportunity of sharing with Mr. Graham the extreme concerns felt by the residents of Carrog and Glyndyfrdwy regarding Mental Health Care UK’s application to change the status of St.David’s to a hospital, and the potential this offered for them to offer care to clients who may have a history of forensic mental health problems.

Prior to the meeting David Jones had written to CSIW, using the Freedom of Information Act, requesting a copy of the application they had received from Mental Health Care. This request had, on the advice of the legal officers of the Assembly, been rejected on the basis that public interest test for disclosure is outweighed by the prejudice to the organisation (Mental Health Care UK).

This is totally unacceptable and must be challenged.

At the meeting David Jones in accordance with the approved process, immediately entered a formal complaint against the decision and requested a review. If this is refused then it will be necessary to refer the issue to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

The interests of the residents of the villages must take prominence in issues where public safety maybe threatened.

Mental Health Care have refused to meet with us to explain their intention. We expect the Assembly’s support - Karen is with us - what about the rest!!

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