Mehefin 2005 June

This edition is our coming of age - 21 editions of “Y Bont”, all started by a conversation on a cross channel ferry! As with all such anniversaries perhaps it is now time to re-evaluate where we are and to ask the question, “Where we are going?” and “What do YOU want from ‘Y Bont?’”.

We actually receive very little feedback from the community. In general we understand people enjoy and, more importantly, do read each edition. We know people greatly enjoy “Wellies and Wheelbarrows”, largely because if Gareth misses one edition there is such an outcry.

The old photographs initially seemed to spark great interest but those published more recently have provoked no response whatsoever. It does take a lot of effort to to publish and deliver each edition, with people writing articles, submitting photographs, typesetting, editing and delivering each edition. So we really need to know all the effort is being targeted in the right direction.

The original concept was for a simple news sheet for Carrog and Parc. However, we quickly grew into a newspaper simply because of the amount of articles etc., submitted by people. We now have historical articles, Health Matters, poetry, general news items, campaigns, and a letters page, besides the photographs and ‘Wellies’, Further, the initial editions were only distributed very locally and we printed 200 copies. We now print 350 copies and due to demand distribute to Glydyfrdwy and Corwen. Many copies are sent on to all parts of the world and even to the Isle of Man. For the future we hope to soon have full copies of “Y Bont” available on the web, thanks to the generosity and hard work of Graham Hindley.

All of this has been done on a shoe string budget, helped by A5s extremely favourable printing costs, but we still rely heavily upon sponsorship and the ‘Y Bont Bash’ to keep us going. If you have sponsored us in the past you will shortly be getting a ‘begging letter’, if you havenít sponsored us but would like to do so we should be very grateful to hear from you.

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