Mehefin 2005 June

Anna Culshaw

The most suitable of three donors has now been identified for Anna who attended Alder Hey Hospital on Monday where she was given a provisional date for the transplant at the end of June. Anna will initially undergo two weeks chemotherapy treatment, followed by the marrow transplant and then several weeks in isolation because of the risk of infection.

The public concern generated by Anna’s illness has greatly increased the number of people applying to become marrow donors with both the Anthony Nolan Trust and the Welsh Blood Transfusion Service seeing an increase. In fact the Transfusion Service who normally have 200 applications per month saw this increase to 1000 in March alone.

Anyone wishing to become a donor can contact the Anthony Nolan Trust by telephoning 09018 822234. Anna remains very bright and is quite well at the moment and Eddie and Sian would like to thank everyone for the gift, cards and best wishes which have flowed in. Many of these have come from total strangers and from all over the British Isles.

We know the whole community will be wishing Anna well.

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